Where to eat

For individual visitors:

The Pub “Vilhelmīnes dzirnavas” 

The pub “Vilhelmīnes dzirnavas’ is located in the very heart of Līgatne- it delights everyone with food that is a treat for Your mouth and Your eye, with excellent beer and with peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere. In summer one can sit out on the terrace and relax enjoying the nature in Līgatne and the historical centre of the town. The pub offers catering, organisation of celebrations and related services both at “Vilhelmīnes dzirnavas” and its business partners or in the premises preferred by customers.

Available for tourist groups.

More information: www.vilhelmine.lv

 E-mail: vilhelmines.dzirnavas@gmail.com.

 Phone: +371 27551311.

Address: Spriņģu street 1, Līgatne, Līgatne Region. 

The Café “Pie Jančuka” 

The café is located in the basement floor of Līgatne community centre, which is allegedly the location of the first skittles hall in Latvia. The menu offers traditional Latvian cuisine for individual visitors and groups not exceeding 50 people. Catering for groups is by prior arrangement.

 Phone: +371 29149596. 

Address: Spriņģu street 4, Līgatne, Līgatne Region. 

Rehabilitation centre Līgatne

A great place to organise celebrations – the big banquet hall can house up to 200 persons. Together we will find the best solution for you! We offer confectioneries, tables for celebrations and banquets, etc., picnic baskets, outdoor catering. Tell us your wishes and we will make your celebration a great adventure! There is a café in the centre.

More information: www.rehcentrsligatne.lv

E-mail: ligatne.rehcentrs@gmail.com


Phone: +371 64161915, 26467747. 

Address:“Skaļupes”, Līgatne Rural Territory, Līgatne Region

Cafeteria-bakery Trīs Kūkas (Three Cakes)

You are welcome at the cosy bakery-cafeteria Trīs Kūkas in order to taste freshly baked pastries, biscuits, pies or other dainties with a cup of coffee.  We bake to order. We offer souvenirs and other gifts for friends.

Working hours: In Augšlīgatne from Tue. to Sat., in Līgatne from Wed. to Sun.

 E-mail: triskukas@inbox.lv


Phone: +371 29829121.

Address: In the centre of Augšlīgatne at the store Elvi; in Līgatne –in Dārza Street 4a.