Visitation to the historical village of Ligatne Paper Mill

A town planning monument of national importance, which is unique and the only complex of this type in the Baltic States constructed in the 19th century.



More information: Ligatne Tourism Information Center +371 64153169, e-mail info@visitligatne.lv

Walks on Ligatne Nature Trails

On the banks of the Gauja River, in the area rich in wooded glens several kilometers long pedestrian routes are laid, on which all year round visitors can get acquainted with nature diversity, mammal and plant species living Latvia, nature diversity and necessity of environmental protection.


More information: www.gnp.lv; www.celodaba.lv
e-mail: ac@daba.gov.lv, phone.: +371 64153313, +371 28328800

Walks in trails of Vienkoci park

You can walk in different areas of the park:

  • Classical corner – is created with aim to diversify feelings. Here you can enjoy classical states of mind which are replenished by baroque vases and flowerpots, benches and chairs and trimmed fir-tree plantations.
  • Ethnographic area. There are ethnographic things in this area. There is a museum in one of log-buildings, where you can see different wood carving tools and working environment of a woodcarver.
  • Nature trails. On the trails you can enjoy the beauty and magic of eternal nature.
  • Modern area. Here you can see modern log articles and other outdoor installations.
  • Learning of different eco ideas.

More information: www.vienkoci.lv, e-mail: info@vienkoci.lv

Travel itinerary “Murjāņi-Sigulda-Līgatne”


The itinerary “Murjāņi – Līgatne” leads through the old valley of Gauja with Devon sandstone exposures, characteristic plant and animal kingdom.
On the banks you can see the largest woods on slopes and in glens with lime-trees, oaks, elms and ash-trees. In bends of the river, in flood plain there are groves of grey alders and flattering elms. There is lungwort on trunks.