Līgatne Crafts Centre

The Centre is located in one of the row houses on the School Hill in the culture historical centre of Līgatne Paper Mill Village. It houses a weaving workshop, an exhibition of the works of local craftsmen and crafts workshops are regularly organised there. Different craftsmen will teach the visitors weaving with a loom, band weaving, spoon carving, birch-bark plaiting, wool felting, doll sewing and basket weaving.

Excursions by prior arrangement.

E-mail: dainaklints@inbox.lv

Phone: +371 29123825. 

Address: Pilsoņu street 4, Līgatne, Līgatne region

Spoon Factory

At the Spoon Factory you can watch how beautiful household articles – spoons, turners, butter knives, cutting boards and other useful household things – are made of simple chunks of wood of more than 17 species of trees that grow in Latvia.

The workshop offers a tour with active participation and involvement.  You will be able to visit the café-store of Līgatne Winery.

Working Hours: May-October: Saturdays, Sundays 10:00-18:00, During Summer: Daily. During Winter season and for groups tours are by prior arrangement.

More information: www.spoonfactory.lv

E-mail: avekss@apollo.lv

 Phone: +371 26521467, +371 28602642

Address: „ Vanagi”, Augšlīgatne, Līgatne Region.


1.     Birch-Bark Weavers Vizma and Pēteris Zvirbuļi

The only birch-bark weavers in Latvia – Masters of Folk Craft. The offer includes viewing a unique collection of birch-bark articles, displaying birch-bark articles that are more than 100 years old. The birch-bark masters tell and show how more than 50 bark products can be made and used for household purposes. If you feel like trying your hand, there is a possibility to make a birch-bark souvenir by yourself.

Individual and group tours by prior arrangement all year through.


Phone: +371 26310401

Address: "Ikneši", Līgatne Rural Territory, Līgatne Region.