- Caves of Remdenkalns


Caves of Remdenkalns (Beiwerk)

It is the biggest and the most impressive cave system of Ligatne both because there is the longest cave in Ligatne and because this cave has a curve – where there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

You can hear silence in the great Beiwerk cave. These are inimitable feelings: you go behind the curve, switch the light off, catch your breath and surrender to silence. It seems that time stood still and everything has stiffed. You have a strange feeling, but there is no fear. When you switch your lantern on, it becomes light and you see a bat sleeping in crack of the cave, then one more bat and one more bat…you see many of them here. Bats spend the daylight in this cave and many of them a frosty winter as well. Did you know that you should not wake bats up, it can be a death warrant to a bat. You inspect everything and go to the exit. The adventure lasts for some ten minutes, but will stay in your memories forever.