Tourism news
January 20, at 6pm `Meet up with forest animals in the night`
On offer guided evening excursion through the Nature trails of Ligatne. It will be a great opportunity to discover what the forest animals such as owls, elks, lynx, pigs, boars etc. doing during the dark part of the day. Afterwards all the participants are welcome to have a hot tea and quality time while watching films and listening adventorous forest stories in the Nature Education centre `Pauguri`. Reserve your place now! Ph. 28328800
January 11, at 12pm Birthday celebration of bear Ilze
Ligatne Nature Trails welcomes all the friends of bear Ilze to come and celebrate her Birthday together. Ilze will receive her birthday cake (most likely will not share;), but her guests are kindly invited to have herbal tea and sweets. On offer photostory told by step-mother of Ilze - Velga Vītola.
Ligatne Village
For already 200 years the name of Ligatne has been related to the Paper Mill. Its historical centre together with historical buildings of the Mill and wooden living houses of the Mill’s workers is included in the list of cultural monuments of national importance.
Wild Līgatne: The Hike
In Ligatne region you can see many places in forest with beautiful wiews and valleys. That is one of the most beautiful region in Latvia with historical village. In this excursion you have opportunity to explore historical forest with some secrets and to look at largest cave in Ligatne. We invite you to go to this adventure and enjoy silence near the Gauja valley.
Resort Hotel "Līgatne"
Rehabilitation Center Līgatne is situated in one of the most beautiful and green places of Latvia which has been rejoicing hearts of people for many years and continues to rejoice them – Ligatne. If you come to our center, you will be stoned by the beauty of the environment, which relaxes and heals by itself.
Winter in rural Latvia
Winter has finally arrived in Latvia. Enjoy!